Keep track of the things you own!


A Simple App to Make it Easier to Own Your Stuff

It's easy to add, track, compare, organize, repair, post, call, complain, tweet, learn, and manage everything you own.

Visual Data Capture

It’s easy to add products you own to your Ownit Stash! A few pictures is all it takes to identify most of the products in your home or office. A product photo, logo photo, and UPC or serial number.

No, it won’t work on your dog…

Auto-Filled Information

Ownit then takes your pix, and automatically adds all the product information! Quick access to social feeds, manuals, photos, phone numbers, videos, and much more!

No more tedious thumb-typing!

Important Owner Links

Where’s the owner’s manual? How do I contact support? What’s the manufacturer’s Twitter handle? Do they have a Facebook page? Are there any instruction videos available?

One click to get the info you need!

As easy as 1-2-3

A few pictures using your phone's camera is all it takes!

Snap It!

Upload a few pictures from your phone, and let Ownit do all the work! It generates a categorized inventory list of all your products—with the information that’s vital to ownership—automagically added to your account. And without all that tedious thumb-typing!

Track It!

The things you need to have access to about your product, in one easily-accessible place: support links & phone numbers, manufacturer social media links, online manuals, upgrades & recalls, YouTube videos — all right in your pocket.

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